Who We Are?

We are

We are a fully accredited, multi-award-winning advertising agency that develops fiercely original ideas and concepts to elevate the brands we represent.

We are just 16 years old, and with a 23-member, industry-experienced staff, we dominate the advertising and media industries in terms of innovation, service levels, capabilities, production quality, efficiency, and effectiveness. Our unrivalled “clout” and resources enable us to provide the best rate offers and the best planning and research tools. We seize every chance to create amazing advertising concepts, media purchase strategies, and media planning that work across platforms to provide value and increase ROI.


What our Clients say about us

"Fresh, novel, and intriguing creative concepts that produce excellent outcomes"

We’ve had a long relationship with R&R, and it’s been a terrific one. They have always gone above and beyond for our businesses, particularly Munchee, and constantly present fresh, novel, and intriguing creative concepts that produce excellent outcomes. They understand our brands, market, consumers, and competitors, as well as, most crucially, our requirements, issues, and possibilities. They recently won two Effie Awards for a revolutionary campaign for Munchee Chocolate Puff. We are impressed, and thank you!

Nalin Karunaratne. Director/CEO (Ceylon Biscuits Ltd, CBL Exports (Pvt) Ltd)

"created powerful campaigns for us and delivered on their promise"

Rays and Rods have created numerous campaigns to keep the Motha brand current. With an eye to detail, they have created powerful campaigns for us and delivered on their promise. I have no hesitation in recommending them for any institution that needs the commitment to deliver results precisely on time.

Adrian Fonseka Director /CEO (Motha Confectionery Works (Pvt) Ltd


Our approach

We do research by comparing your brand to the competition as well as spending time in the market analyzing traders, service institutes, non-users, existing consumers, and future customers in order to unearth useful consumer insights. To uncover the big idea, we combine brand strategy with insight. This allows us to strike the deepest emotional chord within the target audience while eliciting the desired brand reaction. To attain more precision, we also employ our own custom-made tools, such as the insight digger, radar, customer journey mapping, DMU, and so on.


Our goal is to build your brands while they’re under our care, and we’ll grow organically. For us, each new client and brand is a marriage. A long-term committed, and priceless friend will stick by you in good and bad times. We will be your ears, eyes, and toes in the marketplace, recognizing threats and opportunities.
We will lead you to success.